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In New South Wales, Australia, there is a suburb in the West Sydney Area popularly known as Penrith. Penrith, aka ”The Riff”, is within the Greater Western Sydney region, and the Central Business District of Sydney is a few kilometres due west of the suburb. The town is very close to the Nepean River, and is located far away from the central area of the Cumberland Plain. The town is elevated 25 metres above sea level.

penrith museum of printing

penrith museum of printing

The City of Penrith has its administrative headquarters in this suburb. The Geographical Names Board of New South Wales recognises Penrith as one of only four cities within the Greater Sydney area.

Geography of West Sydney
The land area of Greater Western Sydney is 407 sq. km

The climate of Penrith is very friendly. This West Sydney suburb enjoys hot, dry summers. One odd feature of the Penrith climate is that the summer maximum temperature is very high along the coastal areas, but the humidity along this coastal part of the suburb is also very low. The winter season in Penrith still has some sunny days, but the inland areas of the suburb have greater cold temperatures overnight than in areas around the coast. If you wish to access the weather information for Penrith, you can access this information from the weather forecast providers such as Daily Weather for Penrith, Current and others.

Average Temperatures:
The sub-urban town of Penrith has an average summer temperature of 16 to 30 degrees Celsius, and an average winter temperature of around 3 to 17 degrees Celsius.

Average Rainfall:
Penrith experiences on average 784 millimetres of rain every year, with most of it coming in the wet season.

The suburban town of Penrith is located in the historically rich Nepean area. We are very happy that you have made our town your choice, and are elated to have you with us if you have made it to our town already. We are sure that you would have a very nice time while here in Penrith, Sydney, and take time out to appreciate the Nepean River.

The area that is now recognised as Penrith was developed by the arrival of the European settlers, and the Europeans came to Penrith as part of the expansion of the British Colonies in 1789. After the arrival of the Europeans, settlements thrived along the coast and the lifestyle and culture of the settlements of those early years can still be seen in the town today.

Places to Visit:

Penrith Whitewater Stadium
Penrith Whitewater Stadium is ideal if you feel like getting some outdoor fun. These outdoor activities come with a twist, and you’ll enjoy yourself to the fullest. Penrith Whitewater is an extra-ordinary place for you to visit. The Blue Mountains houses the Penrith Whitewater Stadium. You’ll be thrilled the more when you get to learn that the river is the only artificial river in the South Hemisphere. One of the events that has made the Penrith Whitewater Stadium special is that it successfully hosted the Sydney Olympic Games slalom events almost two decades ago. This attraction can be enjoyed by people of all ages, and brings something new to your experience. The Penrith Whitewater has enjoyable activities such as rafting, kayaking and there are also training facilities for swift-water rescue operations. The choice is yours; you can enjoy any of these activities in the Whitewater stadium.

Penrith Museum of Printing
Penrith has a lot of exciting places for you to visit, and one of such places is the Museum of Printing. The printing museum is situated at the junction of Ransley Street and Mulgoa Road. The printing museum is set up as a non-profit, and is run to give tourists information on the history of printing in the Sydney area before the computer age. It is also special as it has a lot of artifacts on display of old printing equipment. One thing that will also fascinate you is that most of the old equipment on display is still fully-operational. The items on display in the museum are more than a century old, and there is a constant restoration team who work to keep the contents of the museum in premium shape for future visitors.

Museum of Fire
The museum of fire is a place your young ones need to visit, as they are sure to have a good time. You could take them there by train for them to appreciate the town’s beauty. If it’s your first time on a train in Penrith, you can get to the Sydney Terminal and take the Blue Mountains line. You can also take the City Rail Penrith line from the three other terminals close to the museum’s location. It is also possible for you to get private transportation to the museum. The Museum of Fire is an obsolete power station that was built in the 1950s to supply power to the homes around the Penrith area. A trip to the museum for your children will give them a good education of the old Australia Fire Services. The museum is also made more special as the people who maintain it are firefighters. There are also different displays in the museum honoring the deeds of firefighters and guards.

Muru Mittigar Aboriginal Cultural and Education Centre
You can take a trip to the Muru Mittigar Cultural and Education Centre and explore the culture of the Darug tribe. The culture and education centre has a rich display of Aboriginal history. The centre also features the art of the Aborigines of Australia. To visit this centre with your loved ones, you have to make advanced booking placements. There are also colourful dance troupes to entertain you at the centre. There are also traditional meals you can try at the centre, and regular workshops are held at the centre.

Nepean Gorge Lookouts
The Blue Mountains National Park has some of the best lookouts in the Nepean Gorges, and the Rock Lookout, is one of the best. This lookout is just over the Nepean River, and gives you the opportunity to appreciate the vegetation that is situated within the park.
To further make your trip to the park exciting, the Blue Mountain Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Sites. There is a preserved wildlife area in the park, and the area still has some of the now unavailable plants in the Sydney area. The park also has historical sites of the Aborigine culture. You can also enlist the help of a guide to provide you with information as you enjoy yourself.

St. Thomas Church
In the mid-19th century, St Thomas Church was completed, and the edifice has close connections to the Blaxland family, one of the first families to ever settle in the Penrith area. The church is situated at Mulgoa road. The church is recognised in the Arms of Australia Museum, and has several historical displays of the 19th century era of Penrith.